Utilisation des fonds
Toilets: a very useful 'luxury'!


    Since its foundation in 1997, KALAM has opened 16 schools, called NFE Centres (Non-Formal Education Centres), in 11 villages.
    Since that date, 3000 children have been schooled and over 800 children been admitted into the state school system.
    All the others have learnt to read, write and count, which enhances their chances of social inclusion and future employability.

    Our schools are attended by equal numbers of boys and girls.
With government support:
  • construction of a water tower;
  • allocation and planting of 2500 young trees of various species;
  • treatment and operations for 73 people at the American flying hospital stationed for a short period of time at Hyderabad;
  • information campaigns on the environment and water quality;
  • construction of 5 simple school shelters and 20 latrines in the villages.

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