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KALAM's beginnings

KALAM came about through the meeting of three forces:
a passion, a conviction and an encounter.

A passion for India and its people.
A conviction that only education and training allow men and women to be free and take charge of their lives.
An encounter with the initiators of S.E.D. (Society with Ethos of Development), an Indian non-profit organisation that promotes social and human development, based in Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh, Southern India.

KALAM's objective is gradually to withdraw children from work by pre-schooling them in KALAM-founded schools in their villages so that these children can acquire a sufficient level of literacy and numeracy ensuring admittance (or re-admittance) into the state school system. At the same time, S.E.D. works to improve the social and economic conditions of the population.

Why KALAM: the reasons that convinced us

A struggle
to get water...
  • The nature of the task itself: giving working children in poor rural areas a chance to go back to school in their own village.
  • The human qualities of S.E.D.'s directors, their personal commitment and their competencies.
  • The clearly delimited geographic scope of S.E.D..
  • The crucial role women play in the development of their communities.
  • The realistic aims of the projects and the suitability of the means deployed to achieve these aims.
  • The track-record of the projects already carried out by the S.E.D.

The name KALAM

In French, CALAME refers to the “reed” used for writing in ancient times; and in Sanskrit, Hindi and Telugu (the language spoken in Andhra Pradesh), in Bengali and in Farsi (Persian), the word KALAM means pen-holder, the instrument of literacy.

KALAM's purpose

KALAM's objective is to offer long-term support for S.E.D., specifically for the project allowing working children to gain re-admittance into the state school system.
S.E.D. defines its own policy and aims on the basis of its detailed knowledge of local social and economic conditions. KALAM reserves the right to control the use of the funds it contributes.

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