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Andhra Pradesh covers the high plateau of the Deccan with the Mahendragiri (1575 m) as its highest peak extending eastwards to the Golf of Bengal.
The region has a population of 80 million.
74% of the population of Andhra Pradesh work in agriculture.

The mandal of Hatnura

Andhra Pradesh is divided into 23 administrative districts. These districts are in turn divided into mandals. KALAM and S.E.D. work in the mandal of Hatnura, one of the 45 mandals comprising the Medak district. The languages spoken are mainly Telugu and local dialects, as well as English and Hindi.

Social situation

Drinking water is scare and medical coverage is poor. There are no medical centres and no vaccination of any kind is obligatory.

Families in this region have 3.2 children on average. Lack of information, illiteracy and social instability as well as religion are the main reasons for this high birthrate. The poorest families are forced to rely on the work of their children to supplement the family income.

Level of literacy (2001 census)

Average India Mandal of Athnura
Men Women
65 % 56 % 39 %


Farming is the main source of income, however, this work is only seasonal.
The average number of paid working days in India is 120 per year.
As a result, without regular income, it is extremely difficult to obtain credit and child labour becomes essential to support the poorest families.
Andhra Pradesh has the highest level of child labour in India.

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