By supporting KALAM
you empower children
to forge their own future

KALAM is a non-profit organisation (a French “association humanitaire loi de 1901”) working to eliminate illiteracy in children in rural communities in Southern India.

KALAM is a recognised charity (a French “association reconnue d'intérêt général”).
Kalam has a 15-year track record!
A basic one-year subscription to KALAM costing 40 Euros represents:
  • Six months' worth of rice for one child
  • The equivalent of one child's salary for a trimester's work

How did Kalam come about?

KALAM came about through the meeting of three forces:
A passion for India and its people
A conviction that only education and training allow men and women to be free and to take control of their lives.
An encounter with the initiators of S.E.D. (Society with Ethos of Development), an Indian non-profit organisation engineering social and human development.

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KALAM's objective is to provide S.E.D. with reliable, long-term, moral and financial support. S.E.D. defines its own policy and aims while KALAM reserves the right to control the use of the funds it contributes.

Become a supporter of KALAM

Via your donations you contribute to KALAM's work. To ensure the proper use of your donations, see KALAM's commitments.

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Hosting a population of 80 million, Andhra Pradesh encompasses the high plateau of the Deccan culminating at its highest peak in the Mahendragiri (1575 m) and extends eastwards to the Golf of Bengal.

Andhra Pradesh is divided into 23 administrative districts. These districts are in turn divided into mandals. KALAM and S.E.D. work in the mandal of Hatnura.

Families in this region have 3.2 children on average. Lack of information on family planning, illiteracy, social instability and religion are the main reasons for this high birthrate, now somewhat decreasing. The poorest families are forced to rely on the work of their children to supplement the family income.

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